Corona: Substitute Competitions in 2021

As in the previous school year, the pandemic once again threw a spanner in the works of the course, state and national competitions. The system developed in 2020 with a two-stage substitute competition was used again. The difference was that the participants and coaches were more experienced after a year of distance learning. Especially in the substitute competition of level II (corresponding to the  national competition - "Bundeswettbewerb"), several members of the VFÖC rendered invaluable services as tutors, guest speakers and even in the team of supervisors.

One has to be proud of the results. 521 participants took part in Level I (where work was done online and the competition was evaluated fully automatically), 35 in Level II. Here there was an intensive preparation phase and then a five-hour theory competition written at home under video surveillance.

The 53rd IChO will also take place as a "remote exam". One can be curious...

Here are a few impressions of Stage I, the details for Stage II can be found under "Competitions".